In person reach

-100+ on a regular operating night

-1,000+ in attendance during special events like Scare night & Halloween night

Online Reach

-2017 | 2,500+ unique website & social impressions
-2018 | we are on track to reach over 5,000+  website & social impressions

*Every sponsorship comes with your company logo/name added to the website.


  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Items/Props
  • Event Vehicle


  • Your Logo on Home Page


  • Your Logo on Home Page
  • Your Logo on Flyers
  • Social Media Promo


  • Your Logo on Home Page
  • Your Logo on Flyers
  • Social Media Promo
  • Your Logo on Window

Sponsorship Options

Window Video Ad

We are offering Logo Ad placement options on our front windows above the garage.
These videos are the most popular and most viewed part of our haunted house.
These videos run every night (Schedule) throughout the month of October.
Your logo/company will be seen once every 30 min for 15 seconds for the duration of running hours.

-Estimated  200+ ad plays

gifs website

Price is variable to keep ad placement limited for our guest experience

1st Advertiser: $200  (AVAILABLE NOW)
2nd Advertiser: $250
3rd Advertiser: $300


Donations over $100 will unlock coupons or flyers of choice to be added to our local business stand
These will be available during all regular operating hours & special events (weather permitting)

Donation: $100+

Prop Donations

We will accept any Halloween props or items you think may be a great fit for our Haunt.

(Disclaimer, we may not accept/use all donations offered)

Price: Free

Candy / Toys

On Halloween night we have 500-600 kids visit our doorstep. We give 2 pieces of candy per kid + a bonus large candy or prize package for every 100th.

Price: $250

Vehicle Spot

We run special events (click here to see when) during October and typically have an “attention grabber” vehicle in the driveway.
Past examples: A Hearse, Slingshot Motorcycle & Monster Trucks

Price: Free